It sure is a fantastic Friday!

Happy Weekend!  Today I'm linking up to share some random things from my week!
We thoroughly enjoyed learning about carnivorous plants.  Before I read this book:
I only knew about Venus flytraps.  Now the kids and I know all about pitcher plants, sundews, bladderworts, cobra lilies, ...  Some of the kids decided that they didn't like the word "bladderwort" for some reason.  At least, they'll probably all remember the name of this carnivorous plant.
We had Red Sox day last week. 
I need to get a Red Sox shirt some day.

3.  We are practicing to do a play called The Ugly Pumpkin.  The kids are very excited, and we are looking forward to performing for the other 3rd grade classes and the younger grades. 
4.  Last Wednesday morning I drove my husband to the airport.  We left the house at 6:00 am.  Well, A LOT of people drive into Boston, and we got stuck in a fair amount of traffic.  Any way, I dropped him off (finally) and was on my way to work (on the opposite side of the highway), when my phone rang.  "I can't find my license!"  This is what I said:  "Well, I'm not driving back to the airport."  When I finally made it to Dunkin Donuts, I found his license  on the floor of the car.  I took a picture with my phone and sent it to his phone.  Amazingly, airport security let him through, and he made it to Florida. 
5.  Today we did the I-ready reading test in Computer Lab.  It was very quiet, and everyone seemed very busy at their computers.  After the test, the kids could work on Powerpoints.  They are amazingly adept at figuring out how to use all the different affects and designs, etc.  I'm even learning new ideas from them! 
Until next time...

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