Check out the snow! Interactive Learning

Here's a picture of my dog, Gabi, who thoroughly enjoys the snow:

While she plays in the snow, I shovel the steps and tidy up after my husband uses the snow blower.  The snow does look pretty from the house.

This is the first time I'm linking this post up with I'm Lovin' Lit for herThursday Throwdown!

A few weeks ago, I had that laryngitis/cold so I had to get creative.  I started typing everything on my interactive white board.  We were preparing for a test.  Normally, I read the quiz/test out loud to the kids for several days before as a way to review the material.  Well, no voice = no reading the test.  So I typed the questions, and the kids answered them (in complete sentences as suggested in Teach Like A Champion by Doug Lemov).  

Luckily, my voice is back so now - instead of just reading the questions - I type and read them.  This way the kids are hearing and seeing the words.  It seems so obvious, but I didn't figure this out until I lost my voice.

Plus, if you have a Promethean Planet board, you can check out some of my interactive flipcharts here:

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  1. I LOVED Teach Like a Champion! I bought that for my niece when she graduated from college last spring. Have you read Teach Like A Pirate? LOVE! You will feel energized and confident (if you're not feeling your best) and gain some new ideas! Super easy read...
    I'm rereading mine over Christmas Break.
    Anchored in 3rd Grade


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