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I also decided to do what the sponsoring bloggers did and write about one of my favorite teachers because I was so inspired by their stories.

One of my Favorite Teachers of all Time

Professor Anne Murray who taught at Salem State was definitely a favorite teacher of mine.  I had Dr. Murray for my very first M.Ed. class.  She impressed me right away with her warmth and welcoming personality.  She used to give out "love notes" - messages discretely given on sticky notes after you gave a presentation or made an insightful comment.  Dr. Murray always saw the best in each of us, and this was truly a diversified group in this class. There were students right out of undergraduate programs, working teachers, working moms going back to become a teacher (like me), etc.    When I would sit in her classes (I had her for 2 or 3 classes), I used to sit there and think "I want to be a teacher just like her."

Now I'll have to use that Maya Angelou quote - told to me by my colleague, Cheryl:

What an amazingly true thought!

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  1. Thanks for getting in the spirit of things and sharing about your professor. She sounds fantastic! I can't imagine getting sticky notes with positive comments on them from my professors!


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