Meet the Teacher - A New Link-Up!

Today I'm linking up with Trina from The Ordinary To Extraordinary Classroom for Meet the Teacher Monday. This week’s theme is Three Things.

1. Three Words to Describe Me: 

caring; hard-working; persistent

2. Three Things on My Bucket List: 

1.  Go to the Grand Canyon.
2.  Get to my goal weight.
3.  Be present.

3. My favorite music genre and 3 favorite songs: 

I like easy to indie music.  My 3 favorite songs:
1.  Pompeii by Bastille.
2.   We'll Be Counting Stars by One Republic
3.  Anna Sun by Walk the Moon

 4. The first 3 things I would buy first if I won the lottery: 

1.  A new Honda CRV
2.  A vacation place in York Beach, Maine
3.  A trip to the Grand Canyon

5. My favorite movie genre and 3 favorite movies:

I really do love romantic comedies.  My 3 favorite movies:
1.  Moonstruck
2.  The Lion King
3.   Bridget Jones's Diary

6. Three Character Flaws: 

1, 2, 3.  I worry/daydream/eat too much.

  7. Three Friendship Personality Deal breakers: 

1, 2, 3.  Someone who lies; who talks down to me; who is indifferent.

8. Three Things I Want More of: 

1.  Eat more chocolate without gaining weight.
2.  Read more interesting books.
3.  Have more warm and sunny weather.

If you would like to join, please head on over to Trina's blog to link up.


  1. If you make it out to the Grand Canyon let me know!! I have now lived in Arizona since 2008, and I still have not made it to the Grand Canyon!! Maybe we can meet up while you fulfill one of your bucket list items!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade

  2. Hi Susan! I just found your blog through Meet the Teacher. Oooh, a new Honda CR-V, good choice! I am so, in need of a new car...trying to get my poor little Elantra to last me a couple more years until those college loans are paid off. Glad to have found you and to be your newest follower! :o)


  3. Your MTTM is cute with the pictures. I loved #3 on your bucket list...BE PRESENT. I can relate to your character flaw of eating too much. I had a weight loss blog too. I was successful for a while, but my old ugly habits came back. Weight loss is a struggle. I too would love to eat chocolate, well anything without gaining weight.


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