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This week I read an amazing book - The Little "Read" Hen - by Dianne de Las Casas.  This book is a tremendous review of the writing process, and it is full of clever language and pictures.  My students and I LOVED this book.

We all loved the page with Starbawks Coffee :

The "Read" Hen got a very fancy "flappucino" drink.

This page at the end lists all the steps in the writing process and includes covers from famous books whose titles now have "chick" titles:

Please excuse the sideways picture of this page.  Of course, I'm probably breaking copyright law by taking pictures of pages of the book, but I just love these pages and had to share them with you.

Also, the author has a web site that has plenty of follow-up activities and other interesting information:

We learned A LOT about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  First, I read Martin's Big Words.  We followed up by reading a TPT book about Dr. King that also reviewed non-fiction text features.  Here's the link for that excellent product:

We also made an MLK craftivity with a writing prompt about our dreams.  Here's a close-up of Tayla's dream and how the finished product looks in the hall:

If you are interested, here's the link to the above activity:

To finish out the week, I gave the kids a writing prompt similar to those on our MCAS test.  They used the informational text from the top to write why Dr. King was famous.  Here's our very own beautiful Mrs. Borselli showing the acitivity:


We're also working on a flapbook on non-fiction text features.  Here's a link and picture for this fun and educational activity:

NonFiction Text Features (Polar Bear Edition)
NonFiction Text Features (Polar Bear Edition)

Last night I gave blood after waiting an hour and a half.  I know I gave - and possibly many of the other donors - because of a news story last week.  A young girl needed surgery at Children's Hospital in Boston,  Upon arriving at the hospital, the family learned the surgery needed to be postponed because there wasn't enough O negative blood (that's my type of blood!). Plus, there was a shortage of all blood in general.  Any way, the story ends well:  the girl had her surgery, and now the shortage has passed. 

Last week the weather was frigid due to the Arctic vortex.  According to my husband, this type of cold is normally reserved for Siberia and areas in the Arctic Circle.  Part of the vortex broke off, and now we're getting to experience extended periods of freezing weather.  The good news:  today it's going to be a high of 35 degrees, and it feels so much warmer already.  I walked the dog this morning, and I was "in my comfort zone" (as they say in Spinning class before you start simulating a steep hill).  Of course, I was wearing 2 hats, gloves under my REI heavy-duty mittens, thermal underwear, my long Landsend coat, my Sorel boots,...  - even wearing this, I was cold during the week.  Needless to say, today I was roasting, but I'm not complaining, IT'S A HEAT WAVE AT 35 degrees!

Happy Weekend!

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