Rafflecopter to check out! Goals for the New Year!

I just thought of a blogging goal for myself!  I need to create my very own rafflecopter.  Of course, I would need to create some products that are worth raffling off. 

In the meantime, head on over to one of my favorite bloggers, Diane, at:


to check out her exciting rafflecopter!

I'm also linking up with Diane over at Fifth in the Middle to share my blogging resolutions.  Of course, I have already thought of another resolution since I wrote this up, but I'm just going with this:

I know that I'm still learning A LOT about blogging, but I would love to have some blogging buddies who I personally know.  That's why I would love to teach them how to blog.  Of course, first they want to actually want to blog, but I'm hopeful.

Today I'm also linking up with Jessica at First Grade Nest

 to talk about 2014 goals!

I notice that most people are on their iphones A LOT.  I still have a flip phone, but I'm ALWAYS on my laptop.  I would like to limit my time so I can enjoy other activities like talking to my friends at lunch (possibly convincing some of them to start a blog); reading a book.....

I am still hoping to make it to the Grand Canyon.

I've never had grits before so I'm be curious to see why Southerners love them so much.
I want to learn how to attach a live link to a picture (like the rafflecopter at the top - when you press the banner, it would take you to the blog).

Mindless eating.

I want to make my own task cards.

I want to make meaningful and creative products for TPT.  

So much blogging = so much fun!

Tomorrow it's back to school!


  1. It's back to school for me tomorrow as well. And I'm nowhere near as mentally ready as I'd like to be! I'd love to see what you do in terms of teaching a blogging course. I've been blogging for over a year now, but there's so much still to learn! That's partly why we blog - so that we can share great ideas!

    You might want to take a look at http://ideasbyjivey.blogspot.com/ She has a "Techy Tips" section that might answer some of your questions. Or, if you're not sure about how to do something, just blog about it. Before you know it, you'll have a handful of answers.

    Have a great 2014!

  2. What a great idea about getting teachers at your school to guest blog. Love it! Happy New Year, Susan!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  3. I was just thinking today about how many tutorials I could have made with everything I have learned in the last few days about setting up a blog! We start back tomorrow too - I'm jealous of those that have this whole week off also!

    Kate :)
    Stop by and visit McDee's Busy Bees!

  4. I'm one of your favorite bloggers?! WoW!!! Thanks so much for the kind words! And I absolutely love your idea of student guest bloggers - as well as other teachers from your school. I wonder if any of my fellow teachers would be willing to guest blog... Happy New Year to you!
    Crafting Connections

  5. Your blog is great!! I still have SO much to learn! I'm figuring it out day by day!! I really need to figure out how to create a rafflecopter as well!!

  6. Your resolutions are unique and I love them! Thanks for linking up!


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