Five For Friday!

Thanks to 2 snow days, our vacation ended up being a full 2 weeks.  So now, I am linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

Today I shoveled snow and dug out my car.  To reward ourselves for all the snow clean-up, my husband and I went out for lunch at Joe Fish.  We each had baked scrod which was quite delicious and only cost $9.99 - I love going out for lunch!

I got very ambitious today.  I started a new flipchart for Chinese New Year using the book, Sam and the Lucky Money, by Karen Chen.

According to my husband's i-phone, it is currently 6 degrees out, and the temperature will go below zero overnight.  That explains why I'll continue to wear my thermal underwear.

I managed to stay at a party until 11 o'clock on New Year's Eve.  It was difficult since I usually get into bed by 9:00 to read and relax.  This is often my one and only time to relax all day.  That's why I have been appreciating my vacation.

This week I've been reading this book about a Cambridge third grade teacher - Nora Eldridge.  One of the students is bullied, and Nora becomes very close to her student's family.  The book tells the story of this teacher and her relationship with this family.  I really like this author; she also wrote The Emperor's Children.  It's always interesting to read a story about another teacher.

In addition to reading, I've been BLOGGING A LOT!  I've been reading other blogs and entering plenty of raffles.  If I'm lucky, I might even win something!


  1. Sam and the Lucky Money is always fun to read. It's in our kids' basal readers. See? Basals aren't all that horrible! I just think it's in the teaching and a good balance between whole class, novels, read alouds, and guided reading (I remember you commenting about this).
    You know as I do, that education is ever evolving and the good stuff that works, stays. Too much change is not good, in my opinion.
    So do what you know...and add some new stuff in it!
    Anchored in 3rd Grade

  2. I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed your break! I am really great at heading to bed early in winter too but it's summer in Australia so I've been having a lot of late nights- I need to pick the habit back up again.Thanks for the book tip.
    Books, Bugs and Boxes


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