Hola, hola Coca Cola! Es el tiempo por "Win, Loss & A Thing of Cost."

Today, I'm linking up with Digital: Divide and Conquer and Third Grade Galore to tell about a win, a loss, and a thing of cost.

Win = Loss Again:  This week in Weight Watchers I gained back one pound.  However, the Leader of the meeting emphasized that losing/gaining weight is just a number and a part of the process of making better food choices.  Now I'm really rethinking my daily food choices because I REALLY want to get to my goal weight for 2 reasons:

1.  I won't have to pay $40+/month.

2.  I'll have more daily points each day so I can afford a small treat once in a while.

Here was the main message of the meeting:

This is a perfect message for all of us gearing up for school - needing to plan healthy, quick and easy food.  I was even thinking it would be a fun linky party if we all shared one favorite quick and easy recipe, but I'm not sure if anyone would participate.  Please let me know what you think.

A Thing of Cost.  I already mentioned the WW monthly fee.  Now our kid car - an older Toyota Corolla is getting fixed up so it passes inspection.  You know what happens when your car goes to the mechanic to get checked out = $$$.  Of course, I've been having to drive the kid car for a variety of reasons, and one of the issues is you can only open the driver's side door from the outside by rolling down the window.  Then, there's the Nintendo character on the dashboard - no wonder people are always cutting me off when they see the kid car.

The other thing I wanted to mention  is that I can't really participate in the classroom or organization linky party because I still haven't been to my classroom, and I have never taken pictures of it before.  This makes having a blog EVEN BETTER - I can share what my room looks like, and I've never done that.  I'm going to start going in on Monday - we start back the Tuesday after Labor Day; the kids will come on Thursday.

That's all for today!


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