Sunday Smorgasbord!

Happy weekend!  I LOVE the weekend, and this is the LAST weekend before Labor Day.  I'm still baffled by how fast the summer FLEW by.

Sunday = time to link up with:

Here are some random details from my life:

1.  I went to my classroom every day last week for about 2 hours every day, and I am very focused and efficient because I know that I only have a very limited time to work.  Most of the heavy lifting is done, but I still have some loose ends.  I'm really trying to organize my library better.  I'll show pictures soon.

2.  My dog sheds A LOT.  There is black fur all over my house.  I haven't had a chance to vacuum all week so the tumbleweeds of fur are EVERYWHERE.  Of course, I love my dog so much that I'll still keep her, but I now understand why people avoid dogs that shed.  As you can tell, she's BIG!

Big dog = big amount of fur that is shed.

3.  Here's the message from last week's Weight Watchers' meeting:

I LOVE this message.  It all comes down to choices, and it's not easy; I'm still wanting that Kit Kat bar and other assorted treats.  I have to say that paying $40 per month is an effective incentive for me to want to lose weight.  I just have to keep it up.  Plus if I don't buy the treats, I can't even have them.

4.  I am totally loving my new Weber gas grill.  I've been making chicken on the grill every Sunday, and the food cooks much more evenly.  Plus the new grill is so clean - I hope I can keep it this way.

That's it for now!


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