Smorgasbord Sunday

It's another Super Sunday - time to link up with: - for realistic random news.

1.  First, here's the answers to my most recent word puzzles:

C + M + C = 4L of E

Core + Mantle + Crust = 4 Layers of the Earth

M + A + R + B = 4T of A

Mammals + Amphibians + Reptiles + Birds = 4 Types of Animals

The interesting part of the above word puzzles is that the middle and high school teachers were slow to get them - I needed to give them hints.  Of course, I can't remember most of their material either - hypoteneuse, Pythagorean Theorum.....I remember the words from long years ago, but the information is no longer part of my memory.

2.  Deer Island - connected to Winthrop, Massachusetts.

My father and I go to Deer Island every Saturday to take a rather short walk - he's broken both femurs and arms - he's mobile now, but it's still tough going.  There is an amazing view of Logan Airport and the Boston skyline from Deer Island.  There's also a paved path that is 2.6 miles if you want to walk the perimeter of the island.  I thought you might enjoy a sample of the view:

In the picture, if you look over to the right, you can see a plane landing.  If you've ever flown out of or into Logan Airport, there's an excellent chance that you've flown over Winthrop.

3.  Today I'm starting to read Wonder by RJ Palacio.  My husband needed a book so I told him to read this book, and he LOVED it!  I'm excited to see what all the buzz is about, too.

4.  I've been browsing around for a back to school outfit, but I haven't found anything yet - I might need to wear something newer from my closet.  I hope NOT though - I've always bought a new outfit for the first day of school.

Have a marvelous week!

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