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It's that time again - Sunday morning - time to link up with:

Last week I was sitting in my backyard doing the crossword puzzle, and a painted lady butterfly landed on my crossword puzzle and stayed there for about 10 seconds.  It was definitely random, unexpected and very amazing - all at the same time.

Next week I'll be taking my class at the Northeast Consortium in Topsfield, MA.  Hopefully, I'll be making and creating a variety of math manipulatives.  I'm hoping to share some of my creations in my blog.


By the way, my favorite color is yellow.

This morning my dog, Gabi, and I were taking our weekly Sunday morning walk in Breakheart Reservation.  It was just the 2 of us because my friend wasn't feeling well.  Gabi and I follow a marked trail through the forest.  Once in a while, we even see deer - thankfully, Gabi has a pinch collar or I would no longer have my right arm.  At the end of the trail, there is a lot of vegetation so we were making noise as we made our way through to the paved trail.  Upon exiting, a woman and her dog were standing there looking at us like they just saw a ghost.  The woman explained:  "We thought you were a bear."  Luckily for her, it was just me and my dog.

Just so you can make your
own comparison:
Gabi, the dog, vs. a bear

I absolutely love this picture of
the bear sitting at the picnic
table - it cracks me up every time.

Have a wonderful week!

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