Super, Sensational Sunday Smorgasbord

So it is a sunny Sunday here!  I'm linking up with:

1.  I'm off to Weight Watchers shortly for my weekly weigh-in.  Last week I gained one pound so I'm hoping for some promising news when I step on the scale - it seems like I weigh MORE at the Weight Watchers scale - has anyone ever noticed that?

2.  Last Friday I stopped in at school and spent an hour at my classroom.  Here's a peak at my desk:

I started going through my library book bins - I didn't do any serious cleaning or organizing - that's for the upcoming week.

3.  My father and I took our weekly stroll at Deer Island, and I took a picture of him with the Boston skyline in the background - he always wanted a picture like this.

4.  Yesterday, my father and I were having lunch at Donna's in East Boston, and a woman came up to me to tell me that she was my dance teacher.  She remembered me as a little girl with red hair.  I was shocked that she even knew who I was - considering I took dance over 40 years ago.  She might remember me though because I was always tripping over my feet - now you know why I am not a ballerina.

5.  I sent out my welcome back to school letters to my students.  Wow, it's really time to go back to school!

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