Wonderful Weekend - I'm on vacation again!

My week of taking a class has come to an end.  I'm so excited to be back on vacation because now I can be on "real" vacation again.  I missed being home and having my afternoon crossword and reading time. 

My friend, Cheryl F., successfully solved this puzzle:

         SA+LT  JU2RY

The answer is:  Add insult to injury.  Well done, Cheryl!

In my class, we also did other word puzzles.  Here's an example:

A + A + P + I = 4O   

Atlantic + Arctic + Pacific + Indian = 4 oceans

Here are some science word puzzle sentences that the high school teachers in my class were unable to solve. 

C + M + C = 3L of E

M + A + R + B  = 4T of A

The teacher of my class suggested writing these on a piece of construction paper and holding them up to get the kids to pay attention and get their brains thinking.  I LOVE word puzzles so it was fun for me any way.

Happy weekend!

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