Something That Makes My Heart Sing!

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to share some things that make my heart sing.  Of course, I included my children, but they have helped make me a better teacher.
1.  My family.  On Columbus Day weekend, we celebrate my birthday by having a family outing to go apple and pumpkin picking.  This is definitely a heart singing tradition!  Here's a picture from last year:  from left to right -
 me, Derek, Bethany and Andrew.
2.  Massachusetts History.  I love teaching and learning about Massachusetts history.  Any time I go to another state, my heart does sing when I'm on my way home and see the "Massachusetts Welcomes You" sign.  Plus, in 3rd grade, we study about Massachusetts all year so I'm always happy to add to my knowledge base.  Now I'll have some new stories to tell my students next year - there's nothing like firsthand experience.

Last Father's Day, my family and I went on a sunset cruise of Boston Harbor.  Here are 2 highlights:

Here's a picture of Boston Light - the oldest lighthouse in North America.  It is also a lighthouse that is still manned.  Back in colonial days, the purpose of this lighthouse was to warm of the presence of enemy ships. 

Continuing on, here's a picture of the famous USS Constitution.  In the background to the left of the ship, you can see the Bunker Hill Monument.  Every evening at sunset, the crew of the USS Constitution holds a ceremony to retire the flag in which they play Taps and set off a cannon.  The sound of the cannon is really loud, and many other harbor cruise ships stay in the area to witness this nightly ritual.

3.  Line Leader Letters/Acrostic Poems.  Every week, there is a Line Leader for the class.  Besides, always being first in line, this person gets to lead the class in the Pledge of Allegiance and choose a song to sing in the morning.  Every Friday afternoon, the students and I write a Line Leader letter (for the first half of the year) or an acrostic poem (for the 2nd part of the year).  Then I staple all the pages together and share the pictures with the rest of the class on the rug.  The prior Line Leader and I read our letters/poems out loud, and then the Line Leader receives their book. 

Here's a sample of the acrostic I wrote to one of the students:

This Friday afternoon tradition is VERY important to me because it is a community and confidence building experience.

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  1. What a great family photo...I love seeing personal photos of bloggers. It's neat to see the motivations in people's lives. :)
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