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This is the final day of their Teachers' Week, and today's topic is Teacher Tips.  Since I haven't been back to my class yet, I don't have pictures - I am stopping by today because each teacher is getting a gift card to Lakeshore Learning to buy classroom supplies.  Lakeshore is about a ten minute drive from my house, and I'm super excited to get some supplies.  I'm still debating whether to buy the cardboard book boxes or buy the plastic ones at Target.  If any of you have a tip on that subject, please let me know.

Here are some of my tips:

1.  Color code your plan book.  I always highlight my plan book for recess duty, specials, etc.  The week before I always fill in this information FIRST.  At the top of the page, I write in the EVERY DAY information, such as recess, lunch, lunch recess, and after school duty assignment.  Then I fill in the class work I'll be teaching.  Again, I highlight this information in a different color.  By the way, I do this highlighting just in case there's a substitute in my room because when there are substitutes in my neighbors' rooms, these are the questions I am always asked.

2.  To the right of my plan book, I have a folder for each day of the week.  Inside each folder are that days' papers, including homework.  The papers go right along in order with the plan book - the whole day is organized.  Of course, I like knowing that everything is all set for the day because there are several days when I have no specials so there's no time to copy papers.

3.  Get as much of your copying done the week before.  I usually know what papers need to be copied the week before so I set aside time to copy the papers early and then I start putting them in the correct folders for the next week.  My perfect week would include leaving on a Friday and having every day's papers in the folders for the next week (this is a goal - usually I have Monday and Tuesday 100% done and some of the other days as well).

4.  Have a hanging folder for each month of the school year.  I put my special monthly work/read-aloud books in these folders.

5.  I love the chimes that are in the book, The Daily Five.  I bought my chimes at Lakeshore last year, and I love the sound they make.

Also, if you have time, please read all the other teachers' AMAZING tips and ideas at the link above.  I am learning SO MUCH from all these other bloggers, and I'm so thankful to them for sharing their ideas.

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