My First REAL Five for Friday! (on Saturday)


Last spring - when I started my blog - I really wanted to join this Linky party at: :  , but I didn't know how to join so I used to do "Five For Friday - My Own Version."  I'm only telling this story to show how much progress I've made.  Now I can REALLY participate - except I officially start school next Tuesday, and the students come on Thursday so the random information will be more about me.

1.  My younger son, Andrew, is preparing to move into the $3,000/month apartment - possibly today.  The other day, he and his friend, Alex, went over to chat with the people who currently live in the $3,000/month apartment, only to find out there is a "rat" problem.  I guess Boston is famous for its rat problem, and the Mayor has been on the news to say landlords must address the rat problem.  Well, I should certainly hope so - especially for $3,000/month!  Now I'm afraid to go to the apartment because I don't want to find myself face to face with a rat.  I might have to bring along my dog for protection.

2.  I got my classroom organized this week, and I'll be back to share pictures next week.

3.  Yesterday I went out for lunch to a restaurant that is new to me - The Center Café - in North Reading, MA.  I ordered a tuna melt and enjoyed every bite.  This was a BIG treat for me because I LOVE tuna melts, and I have not eaten something so indulgent since joining Weight Watchers.  YUM!

4.  Yesterday (Friday) I went in my pool for probably the last time this summer.  I did a thorough vacuuming so we can close up the pool this weekend.

5.  Today we are having our fiesta in the afternoon.  The weather has changed from sunny to rainy, but I'm hoping it will change back since I'm making a barbecue.

I'm so excited to actually participate with Doodle Bugs!  I'll be back next Friday with more school related news.

P.S.  This is what my son needs in his new apartment!

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  1. OMG! $3000!!!!!! to RENT!?!??!?! That's "almost" double my mortgage... AND I don't have RATS! ewwwwww!
    Hope that gets taken care of quickly!


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